Re: Ascii pfiles 2.0b (Test Please)

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 06/09/99

Ack!  I say again, ack!

The archives are your friend.  I provided the fix this year, and (name
forgoteen) provided a fix for this a year ago.  His fix is nicer.  Search
for "ASCII 2.0b" -- and, once again, the archives are your friend.


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Subject:  Ascii pfiles 2.0b (Test Please)

*redundant error report snipped*
> Also for some reason under MSVC5.0 I come up with a DESTROY error when
> attempting to free memory in fbclose() from the Ascii PFiles.  I believe
> it's failing the heap check but am having trouble tracking this one down.
> Ignoring the error, however, does not seem to cause any problems and I
> haven't seen it overwrite any of the heap between malloc and free.  Also
> some reason I can not build a release version of circle.exe - only a debug
> version.  If anyone can spare info on why this might be happening I would
> appreaciate it.

This part just might be a problem.  I can't touch this's Windows.

-k (again).

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