Re: [IDEA] Artificial Intelligence/ALife

From: Nate (
Date: 06/11/99

I worked on this on one of my many projects, I simply made
a bit for 'smart' mobiles, and they would do there normal thing.

Plus, find better equipment, consider players and mobiles and fight
ones that looked like they could beat you, (and everyonce in a while
they would get a bit too brave), level, complain about lag, afk themselves
and go get a smoke or bit to eat, pick on newbies, and once in a while
even heal themselves, or rest/sleep to regen stats.

Obviously there is somemore stuff you could do, but that is about all I had
finished. Unfortunately it got out of hand when I put in mobile pregnacy
and the mud became overrun my horny bunnies. (word to the wise, keep the
bunnies seperated)


>         Anyone ever thought of creating artificial intelligent mobs?
> I am currently in the process of desiging/implementing this and would
> like some guidance (NOTE: Not asking for code).

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