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From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 06/12/99

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999 08:44:35   Chuck Reed wrote:
>>  /* We could keep track of how many hp a player gained at each level,
>>     but what a pain!  And what to do about NPCs?!  Just find the
>>     average HP per level and subtract HP based on this average.  */
> If you just take care of their hitpoints, players can
> abuse the spell to gain tremendous ammounts of
> movement or mana or practice sessions, etc.

Good point.  I made mods to deal with mana (I don't
give movement points for gaining levels).
Fortunately, I use a static array for mana/level so
that was trivial to deal with.  I also had to keep
track of whether the player had any lost levels for
energy draining, and if so, only gain pracs if you are not regaining a lost level.  I also now remove a fixed
number of HP on an energy drain (basically just the
average for the class), so adding them back in is
trivial, though this is dangerous if someone has
consistenly gotten below average HP...

Anyways, since I now have a levels lost to energy drain
flag, I then add in a restoration spell which will
regain a level lost to energy draining.

Unfortunately, since I do not do all level gaining
things in the stock circle way, it wouldn't do to
post my new version, but if anybody does want to use
the energy drain spell, do be aware of all the above

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