Re: Quota screwing pfiles

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/12/99

> My server has a small quota and when lots of programs core dump, they take
> up huge amounts of space.  I have ascii pfiles.
> My problem is that my MUD is still running and it WRITES EMPTY player files
> and an empty plr_index file.  Is there a good way to write some sort of
> temporary file, and then check if the .tmp file is empty, and if it IS
> empty, then don't move the tmp to the real file.  Thank you!
> I have no control over changing the quota. :(

        Not true, if your problem is core files, just examine the
ulimit/limit controls.  Something like
ulimit coredumpsize 0  or the sort (shell dependant i'm afraid)

        In your .profile or .login file will get you going good, your
files will no longer drump cores. It will be alright.


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