Re: Quota screwing pfiles

From: Daniel Burke (
Date: 06/12/99

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> > My problem is that my MUD is still running and it WRITES EMPTY player files
> > and an empty plr_index file.  Is there a good way to write some sort of
> > temporary file, and then check if the .tmp file is empty, and if it IS
> > empty, then don't move the tmp to the real file.  Thank you!
> >
> > I have no control over changing the quota. :(
>         Not true, if your problem is core files, just examine the
> ulimit/limit controls.  Something like
> ulimit coredumpsize 0  or the sort (shell dependant i'm afraid)
>         In your .profile or .login file will get you going good, your
> files will no longer drump cores. It will be alright.

One thing I did at one point when I had to expresly ulimit cordumpsize to
unlimited, was put the ulimit command just before the mud executable in the
autorun script... kept me from forgetting to set it if anything happened
to the account the mud normally ran on, or if another user runs it.


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