Re: [IDEA] Artificial Intelligence/ALife

From: Dan Argent (
Date: 06/13/99

My thoughts:
Big Project, although I hope to do something on my MUD eventually.

I'd advise modelling general behavoir first.
Give mobs extra attributes, like fear and hunger and pain - scalar values
which are modified as time goes on and things in the world move.
Give them possibly an assocaiative memory so that they match places and
PC's to certain emotions. Give them a few archetypal behavoirs - for
example a dwarf could have and extreme racial hate of a human, so his
anger levels would  be right up there. Then interaction with the human
player would need to be suitably modified.

I'd probably recommend some method of scripting, but where multiple NPC's
call the scripts on some trigger (external world or internal change of
state). for example a fight / flight response when something causes them



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