Re: question for a newbie

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 07/25/99

Rama wrote:
> hi boys i need help to use the mapsnip that i have found in circlemud ftp
> site. i receive a error message when compiling if i use this snippet.maybe
> someone know where i can find a better snippet for the map .

 What happens if the next snippet has an error too? There are people
on this list (a few at least) who might be willing to point out what the
problem could be, all they would need is a little information from you.

 For example:
        - what version of CircleMUD are you using?
        - what operating system are you using?
        - what compiler are you using?
        - any errors you've encountered in compiling the code or
          through debugging a core file
        - the *exact* name of the snippet in question
          or a sample of code from around the 'error'
        - what you think is wrong

 I hope this helps, but without this information you're stuck waiting
until George gets his crystal ball back from the dry cleaners.

-> Ben

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