CODE Question -> Race war, changes....

From: emil nilimaa (
Date: 07/26/99

Hi coders and stuff....

myself is new to all what it means...
but still trying.

ok Im planning on having racewar fashion on the mud..

where all good races see the evil  as  "An Ogre is standing here..." bla
bla.. etc.
and also target by "Ogre" instead of the character name...

what i did was adding a "racename" in the pfile,
that was specified as the player chosed the race..
(and changed the db.c to save it..)
however i encountered a problem...
if a character had a long racename...
like for expample    &gWoodland&n &cElf&n     with ansi included..
it worked fine for the player to log in but when loggin off.. the game
crashed. however.. if he logged on again.. and logged off.. it didnt crash.
   only the first time. heh
i tried to define a race name length for it... made it 80 chars...
but still game crashed as they logged off for the first time.

shorter name like   Human worked fine.

ohh well. if someone have some ideas about coding this stuff...
maybe you could give some hints..
eventually i will get it to work...
but maybe there is a better way.

Using circlemud 3.0 bpl15
and linux red hat 6


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