Re: CODE Question -> Race war, changes....

From: Del (
Date: 07/25/99

I don't know about anyone else, but this is very difficult to
I took out all the smartxxx comments I was going to post, because I think
Alex would send me a nasty gram if I did.

A couple of suggestions here:
1. Send some more information such as the gdb output, errors, or some code.
   (Last I heard, George's crystal ball was at the cleaners)
2. Try formating your information in a manner that is more understandable.
3. Start with simpler things to code, spells, wear positions, number of
   attacks, or other similar snippets. To get a better idea of how the code
   is put togather, and where things are.

emil nilimaa wrote:
> Hi coders and stuff....
> myself is new to all what it means...
> but still trying.
> ok Im planning on having racewar fashion on the mud..
> where all good races see the evil  as  "An Ogre is standing here..." bla
> bla.. etc.
> and also target by "Ogre" instead of the character name...
> what i did was adding a "racename" in the pfile,
> that was specified as the player chosed the race..
> (and changed the db.c to save it..)
> however i encountered a problem...
> if a character had a long racename...
> like for expample    &gWoodland&n &cElf&n     with ansi included..
> it worked fine for the player to log in but when loggin off.. the game
> crashed. however.. if he logged on again.. and logged off.. it didnt crash.
>    only the first time. heh
> i tried to define a race name length for it... made it 80 chars...
> but still game crashed as they logged off for the first time.
> shorter name like   Human worked fine.
> ohh well. if someone have some ideas about coding this stuff...
> maybe you could give some hints..
> eventually i will get it to work...
> but maybe there is a better way.
> Using circlemud 3.0 bpl15
> and linux red hat 6
> /Kyos

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