Re: CODE Question -> Race war, changes....

From: William Lowrey (
Date: 07/26/99

I am not all that up to speed on Circle but I think I can offer some help
with a few of the problems.

> where all good races see the evil  as  "An Ogre is standing here..." bla
> bla.. etc.
> and also target by "Ogre" instead of the character name...

What you will want to do is locate where the targeting is done.  A good
place to start would be to look at the kill command.  There should be a
call to a target command passing in the argument.  Go to that function.
Once there, you will want it to search for a target by the racename after
checking all the player names(or so I would assume you would want it to
work that way).  What this will do, is look for the target first by
character name, then by race.  By changing the code at the targeting
function, it should affect all target spells and skills.

> if a character had a long racename...
> like for expample    &gWoodland&n &cElf&n     with ansi included..
> it worked fine for the player to log in but when loggin off.. the game

I don't know why it is crashing, but do you really want to be saving the
race name with ansi included? If you have the ansi-codes in the actual
racefname and you display it to someone that doesn't have ansi-color on,
or doesn't have the ability to display ansi-color then they are going to
see the code.  If you do your color-coding in your send_to_char function,
or wherever else, then you will be much better off.

Sorry I can't help more with the other problems.


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