Re: [Code][Long] Clan Snafu

From: Zeavon (
Date: 08/01/99

> >> Okay, now for the problem when I assign a clan to a person,
> >> the clan name is automatically put in lowercase letters, for
> >
> >What I would do, if I were you, is to set the clan data to
> be an int and
> >then use an index to reference the name of the clan. Just
> like what is done
> >for class. A person's class is not stored as "cleric" it is
> stored as "0"
> >and then you do something like: class_types[GET_CLASS(ch)]
> to get the word
> >"cleric".
> Right, but, the clan name would have to be hard coded like
> you do when you
> create a class name. Thus not allowing realtime clan
> creation.  Any work
> arounds.

My first suggestion to you is to learn how to quote a message.

My second suggestion to you would be to implement your clan data in a
dynamic way like mobile and object prototypes are done. That will allow you
to make a cedit (clan editor) and save all of your clan data to a datafile
and then in db.c load the data in, parse it, plop it into your variables and
go on.

That will allow for dynamic clans and will save you a bunch of server power
since your players will just have a reference to the clan data, instead of
the entire clan data in their char_data struct.

Zeavon Calatin, Spear of Insanity

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