Re: [Code][Long] Clan Snafu

From: Jeremy Music \ (
Date: 08/02/99

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Bo Young wrote:
> >> Okay, now for the problem when I assign a clan to a person,
> >> the clan name is automatically put in lowercase letters, for
> >
> >What I would do, if I were you, is to set the clan data to be an int and
> >then use an index to reference the name of the clan. Just like what is done
> >for class. A person's class is not stored as "cleric" it is stored as "0"
> >and then you do something like: class_types[GET_CLASS(ch)] to get the word
> >"cleric".
> Right, but, the clan name would have to be hard coded like you do when you
> create a class name. Thus not allowing realtime clan creation.  Any work
> arounds.

Have the clan data saved out to a file that gets read back in at reboot.
With this you will also have the ability to do many other neat things with
clans (clan bank accounts, clan special abilities, etc.)

Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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