Re: CODE: name approval

From: Barry O'Mahony (Barryom@VISIO.COM)
Date: 08/06/99

>The whole problem with Name Approval is an Immortal needs to be available
>all of the time to process this request.

>I've worked on a mud that required this and implemented a setup where they
>cannot leave the mud school or start town and may not advance past level 3
>until their name was changed.

>This could be done using notes/email/or in person depending on the time
>differences. The Directors can also change the players names for them RT.

Yah, thats why I mentioned "PC Limbo" Idea.
Its better than having a character waiting in the login loop (as was
mentioned earlier)

Might be better to have someone come to your web page, sign up, have their
name Okayed, all before EVER connecting
to the MUD.
Just a thought

Shades B ).

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