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Date: 08/06/99

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> Might be better to have someone come to your web page, sign up, have their
> name Okayed, all before EVER connecting
> to the MUD.
> Just a thought

Not really.  99% of MUDs I drop into to play a little bit, I quit after
maybe 15 to 20 minutes.  Maybe I'm the exception to the rule, but typically,
when you 'fall into the MUD' you probably won't be thrilled with the first
one you hit.

(part a) By what name do you wish to be known? Kupek

(part b) Here at _yourMUD_ we have a strict naming policy.  The name you use
must be strictly medieval, and not consist of two or more smaller words put
together (SirKnight, LordFoul).  We are also very prejudiced toward the
usage of the letter K.  You will be forced, once inside the game, to change
your name (or be deleted) if you do not adhere to this policy.

Does your name satisfy this policy, Kupek (y/N)? y

(part c) Paging an immortal to verify your name.  If nobody responds within
60 seconds, you will be allowed to proceed into the game.  However, your
name will not be marked as approved, and you will still be subject to the
policy stated above.

Paging an immortal...

(part d.1) Your name has been approved by MrCheese.  You may continue and
create your character.
(part d.2) You may now continue with character creation, although your name
was not approved.

Alright, part a is typical CircleMUD, no changes necessary.  Part b would
want a new CON_x mode, probably CON_NAME_POLICY would be an apt name for it.
From there, you'd want to continue to a CON_NAME_VERIFY state.  However, you
need to store the data.  It's not a bad idea to give characters a timer
somewhere in their data, so that you can count things down (kinda a hokey
way of avoiding an event system) for them.  Add 'int timer;' and 'int
verified;' somewhere in the character structures.  Set the timer to 60, and
have a function in heartbeat() whittle down at it.  If it hits 0, move the
guy ahead.  If somebody verifies them, set verified =
GET_IDNUM(the-guy-who-verified).  Anyway, you just have to create some CON_x
states and get creative with variables.

Probably not all too tough.


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