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From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 08/06/99

Yes in this case i agree with Mr. Robbins,  A while ago i braught up this
question and had it all set to make some new stuff for dg scripts, but then a
suggestion lik ethat came.  There is only one problem you will encounter
useing that method, which can be esiely fixed.

"The Problem"
    Using the [w|m|o]echo !!SOUND(bleh.wav) method of sending the MSP string
will send it to every one, even those who do not want it.

"The Solution"
    Go into the [w|m|o]echo commands and add a check for the sound prefrence
flag.  If they dont want it just cancel the command.

And there you go.  Well that will work unless you used some other function,
to check for the flag in the write_to_q() funtion and then took out the
!!SOUND(...) thing.

Hmm,  Perhaps i shouldnt respond to e-mails right the day after seeing GWAR
and after wakin g up from a terrible migrain.  Ohh well. Have Fun.

In a message dated 8/6/99 3:15:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> > Is there any way for us to use msp using dg scripts?
>  > has anyone implemented this?
>  > mabey a rmsp, mmsp, omsp,
>  > so that when the trig is triggered it makes the sound?
>  MSP simply uses a string:
>  !!SOUND(filename.wav[, ...])
>  or
>  !!MUSIC(filename.mid[, ...])
> work.  Which is pretty hokey, but that's all that there is to it.
>  sounds must all exist on the user's hard drive, or else it won't work.
>  Basically:
>  [w|m|o]echo !!SOUND(bleh.wav)
>  Would work right now.  Why add more to it?
>  -k.
>  P.S.  The answer to your original question is no.  :p

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