[Code][Newbie] Set Name.. yeah yeah.

From: Emil Nilimaa (kyos_overlord@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/26/99

ok first,

yeah yeah, i have checked the archives and found alot of
old mails about this.. however i couldnt get all from it.
Call me newbie or whatever you like.

Ok i wanna add name to the set command.
I am using Circle 3.0 bpl15 and ASCII pfiles.

Now i got it to work so that when changing the name it works..

When the character logs off, the new name doesn't work and the old name
still works.

And when goin through the pfiles (ASCII), the new name are in the
appropriate place, and the old is still in its appropriate place..

however... in the plr_index, the new name isn't there and the old name is.

so i need help to remove the old pfile and change the name in the plr_index
(in pfile directory) to the new name.

Anyone did this, or know how i should do it?

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