Re: [Code][Newbie] Set Name.. yeah yeah.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/26/99

> Ok i wanna add name to the set command.
> I am using Circle 3.0 bpl15 and ASCII pfiles.
> When the character logs off, the new name doesn't work and the old name
> still works.
> however... in the plr_index, the new name isn't there and the old name is.
> heh
        I know this sounds silly, but after realizing that the player
index wasn't being changed, did you then go ahead and free the name
in the player index and insert the new one in it's place? (Ie, the in-mud
memory player index that gets written out from time to time tomake the
file plr_index).

        I'd go ahead and do that.  And don't forget to make a call to


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