Re: MUD Sound Protocol.

From: George Greer (
Date: 12/23/99

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>I'd have to look more closely at telnet to determine whether or
>not either of the above sequences is legal, but right now I should really
>be finishing up my Christmas shopping.

I don't remember if it was a MUST or a SHOULD there.

>> "c:\music\beep.wav" isn't very portable I'd say.[1]
>According to the specification at
>absolute paths are illegal and you must use a forward slash.

Ok, that means the examples I saw on the list were wrong.

That and I cannot get to the Zuggsoft site.

>However, it goes on to say that zMUD, which is the only implementation of
>MSP that I'm aware of, accepts either a backslash or slash.

Searching the list, it seems "MudMaster" supports it as well.

>Even further, since a space is used as a delimiter in the format, no
>backslash quoting ('\ ' to make a space) is specified, and no whole
>strong quoting ("Wolves Howl") is specified, the filename space suffers
>severe limitations, whereas many operating systems, those better designed
>than Windows (from my point of view, of course; argue as you will about
>GUI, etc., just not here), implement long filename support in a
>transparent and clean manner.


>Unfortunately, this isn't a silver bullet.  First, Windows doesn't provide
>user space security under most situations, so it's highly trivial for one
>program to overwrite, remove, or change entries in the sound file manager
>that your Mud might rely upon.

Not a big loss, your sound just doesn't play.  The sound better not be a
requirement under the current MSP anyway since you cannot confirm the sound
played or even if the correct sound played.

>I.e., I could distribute the "Diku Media Pak" and have it shared.
>Security of the registry against rogue Muds making alterations (or, even,
>user space programs doing so) is probably best left for future
>discussion, as I've already hung around much longer than I originally
>intended to.

The client lay in the hands of the enemy.  Of course, if your server
doesn't care, then it's just the client's problem.

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