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From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 12/30/99

At 09:07 PM 12/29/99 -0800, you wrote:
>On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, J P wrote:
> > Heh free server.. right
> > your smoking some good weed man.
> >
> > pass some my way
> >
> > --Jason
>Upon review, I see that you refer to the previous poster's search for a
>free place to serve his CircleMUD.  You, in some small way, assure him
>that he will not find such a place, but do not make any sort of reference
>toward MUDs, CircleMUD, or other list applicable material.
>Now, looking through my modified MUD, I decided to check out what I might
>find in relation to the rest of your post[1].
>~/circle30bpl16/src$ grep "smoking" *.[ch]
>~/circle30bpl16/src$ grep "weed" *.[ch]

Try grepping for "joint", or "smoke". You were too limited in your search ;)

>ObCircle (what was lacked before):
>I've made my own personal OLC that is commandline like Obuild but more
>dynamic, using mostly the same defines as in Oasis to allow it to expand
>quickly and easily, and using some of the Oasis 2.0 functions to
>de-kludgificate[2] it more.
>For it to maintain what it is working with, I store virtual numbers on the
>character modifying, and use those numbers to access the prototypes.
>My question regarding it is as follows:
>Should I see something inherently wrong with editing prototypes directly
>rather than modifying duplicates and overwriting/inserting (I do insert
>new material, actually)?  It seems to me that it prevents anything too
>tragic from two people editting the same thing at the same time (I don't
>do any checking of that sort), but maybe somebody else can point out

I'm only speculating here... but don't loaded mobs/objects have pointers that
point to some of the strings in the prototypes rather than copy the strings,
to avoid wasting memory? If so, and you change the pointer in the prototype
rather than just overwriting the space (fair to say you may change the pointer,
at least if you allow for longer strings), you could run into problems if
the mob
or object is loaded in the game when you edit.

On a related note....
I've recently integrated a web server into my mud. One of my long term
goals for
this is to use it to present OLC forms which will allow web-based OLC. I was
wondering if anyone knows of anything like this having been done before? I'm
currently at a point where a user can authenticate themselves with their player
name/password and can obtain a "who" listing (dynamic, not polled like the
various who->html snippets out there) with visibility according to their
mud level.

If anyone is interested in doing something like this for themselves, they
may want
to search for "mini_httpd" on That server is small enough to
be in a single source file, and it supports CGI as well. All-in-all, making
it work
inside CircleMUD wasn't difficult. (Sidebar, this server is also supposed
to work
with OpenSSL to provide https:// support. In a 5 minute test with the
server built
to run stand-alone, it didn't work for me, however. The server wouldn't
link with the
SSL libraries, and I didn't spend any time finding out why.)

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