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From: Jerry Fisher (
Date: 12/30/99

>I need a FREE server to host my MUD on, if anyone as a server that I can
>host my 3.00 Circle Patch level 16 MUD on I would like you to please
>help me.

A free server is gonna be awful hard to come by, most mud administrators pay
a hefty sum for hosting, or else are graced with there own server and high
speed connections.  Running a MUD is a huge investment in both time and

>Who so ever does lend me a sever I have a few sites i would advertise
>their MUD on and they would be an Immortal on my MUD.

Bribing someone with an immortal position is rather silly when if they have
a server, and know how to setup and run a mud, they obviously don't need
your help in obtaining mud immortality:)

>I would need a little help, like how to put the MUD on the server and so
>on... Its my first MUD...

The circlemud Faq provides step by step instructions on how to get circlemud
compiled and running on just about any system available.

>If you think you can help me please E-mail me.

If your serious about starting a mud, there are many mud hosting companies
which will host a small test site for as little as 5 dollars a month.  Some
will even set the mud up for you for a small fee.  If you can afford a
computer with internet access then surely you save up your allowance to pay
that 5 dollars.

P.S. I hardly ever post to this list, but i vastly enjoy reading the often
informative and helpful posts by folks like Greer and Koepke and a whole
sleuth of others.  But has anyone else noticed that lately this list is
looking more and more like a mudconnector discussion board???

Yours truly,
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