Re: [DG Scripts] Script problem

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 01/08/00

<< I've been trying to write a script where a player can enter a room and
 manipulate an object launching a command. In this case I have a torch object
 in the room, if the player types turn torch, it should cause DG to create a
 door to another room and after 20 seconds delete that door. For some reason
 this script is not working, and Im not sure why. does anyone have any input
 on what im doing wrong? This script is attached to a torch object. when i
 type turn it returns Huh?!? and when i type turn torch it returns Huh?!? as
 well. Im at a total loss, and I have read the DG Manual on Marks site as
 well as ask help from Mark, nothing has helped. Any input would be
 appreciated.   >>

One thing I've learned from my year or two on this list is, you're not going
to get any response if you don't give us anything to work with us.  Perhaps
providing us with the script itself would help.

But from what I know about DG Scripts, your problem is probably in your
numeric argument.  Look up the values for COMMAND OBJ scripts on Mark's
webpage, and make sure you have it set to the number that is assigned to
'Object is in same room as player'.

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