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Date: 01/08/00

I did give the script. its at the bottom of the mail i sent.

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> << I've been trying to write a script where a player can enter a room and
>  manipulate an object launching a command. In this case I have a torch
>  in the room, if the player types turn torch, it should cause DG to create
>  door to another room and after 20 seconds delete that door. For some
>  this script is not working, and Im not sure why. does anyone have any
>  on what im doing wrong? This script is attached to a torch object. when i
>  type turn it returns Huh?!? and when i type turn torch it returns Huh?!?
>  well. Im at a total loss, and I have read the DG Manual on Marks site as
>  well as ask help from Mark, nothing has helped. Any input would be
>  appreciated.   >>
> One thing I've learned from my year or two on this list is, you're not
> to get any response if you don't give us anything to work with us.
> providing us with the script itself would help.
> But from what I know about DG Scripts, your problem is probably in your
> numeric argument.  Look up the values for COMMAND OBJ scripts on Mark's
> webpage, and make sure you have it set to the number that is assigned to
> 'Object is in same room as player'.
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