Re: [DG Scripts] Script problem

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/09/00

Charles Minturn wrote:
> I took a look at this also, just so I can learn more on triggers.
> Below is the info on Mark's page. Please show me where "Set the numeric
> argument to '4'."
> is used. As it appears the Numeric Argument is not used.

                        Command - activates when commands are performed
in the same room as
                        the object.
                        Argument: text which must be part of the command
typed to filter out
                        uninteresting commands.
                        NArg: a bitfield to indicate where the object
must be in order to cause the
                        trigger to activate. Bits: 0x01: in character's
worn equipment; 0x02: in
                        character's carried inventory; 0x04: in same
room with the character.
                        Return value: If 0 is returned by the trigger,
character will receive the
                        same message as if the trigger did not exist,
and any other command triggers
                        will be checked.
                                    the character issuing the command
                                    the exact command (without
arguments) issued
                                    the arguments, if any, following the

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