Re: [DG Scripts] Script problem

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/09/00

Malevolent wrote:
> nArd in Command triggers denoites if the item must be in the room (4), in
> the inventory, equipped, etc. Look at the command trigger link for OBJECTS,
> not rooms. By the way the nArg was not my problem, the problem is that the
> script worked fine all along, its just that immortals can activate triggers
> anymore for somereason, its annoying check and as soon as I find it Im
> removing the check.

In interpreter.c function command_interpreter...

  /* otherwise, find the command */
  if ((GET_LEVEL(ch)<LVL_IMMORT) &&
      (command_wtrigger(ch, arg, line) ||
       command_mtrigger(ch, arg, line) ||
       command_otrigger(ch, arg, line)))
    return; /* command trigger took over */

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