License Agreement

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 01/27/00

Well I know this topic comes up every once and a while and everyone
shares their .02, however I'm not here to start any ongoing tangent
about how people should obey.  I'd simply like to make people aware,
that I, as well as many other persons on this list I'm sure have noticed
an increasing amount of blatent disregard for the CircleMUD License.
I often connect to new muds either on my server, or through the
mudconnector just to see what else the world is doing.  Amazingly I've
noticed that approxiamatley one half of the muds that I connected to are
not displaying the required credits upon the login screen.  This greatly
bothers me, and I'm sure angers many others, especially major
contributors to the source (You all know who you are).  I hate to rant,
and I almost never do, but I just couldn't hold back, I'm sick of it,
the license wasn't put there to be ignored, it was put there because the
developers of the product desired the license to be read and understood.
So just incase any person out there that reads this is just a little
more aware of the fact that blatent disregard for ones creditable work
is frowned upon, no matter what product it is we speak of, or its
developers.  I'd also like to urge everyone that may come across such a
mud as the ones I speak of, and to simply write a little message on
their board just stating that what they are doing is wrong.  And a
little message to the imp as well.  Nothing nasty, just showing that the
CircleMUD community will not lay down and be walked upon be ignorance.

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