Re: License Agreement

From: Alex (
Date: 01/27/00

> Amazingly I've noticed that approxiamatley one half of the muds that I
> connected to are not displaying the required credits upon the login
> screen.
Interestingly enough, you don't have to put them on that initial screen,
but they _must_ be displayed in the login sequence, as in, before you
actually enter the game.  (Take VieMud for an example of this:
telnet:// -- Note that VieMud is based on
stock Diku, and not CircleMUD though)

> Nothing nasty, just showing that the CircleMUD community will not lay
> down and be walked upon be ignorance.
When you find muds that _blatantly_ ignore the licenses that come along
with the source, and even go out of their way to break them completely
(ie with donations), drop a note to the developers about it.


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