Re: License Agreement

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/27/00

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Ray Campbell wrote:

>Well I know this topic comes up every once and a while and everyone
>shares their .02, however I'm not here to start any ongoing tangent
>about how people should obey.  I'd simply like to make people aware,
>that I, as well as many other persons on this list I'm sure have noticed
>an increasing amount of blatent disregard for the CircleMUD License.

Let us know who.

I only have connection with code in 1997 and later.  For earlier code, only
Jeremy (and others, like the guy who wrote the shop code) has it.

>I often connect to new muds either on my server, or through the
>mudconnector just to see what else the world is doing.  Amazingly I've
>noticed that approxiamatley one half of the muds that I connected to are
>not displaying the required credits upon the login screen.

Login sequence.

Oh, and the 'credits' and 'help circlemud' entries.

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