[Off Topic] how to fix Mandrake's coredump prob.

From: Anil Mahajan (amahajan@PROXICOM.COM)
Date: 03/07/00

Mandrake's got a really annoying security 'feature' that is a living
hell for us developers.  It's not a PAMd issue like you'd figure but
something tiny and undocumented.
   Anyway, to make a long story short (3 months of emails and posts).
Here's how you get Mandrake Linux to dump a core file from a remote
daemon (telnet/ssh session).

1)   as root go to /etc/rc.d/init.d/

2)   edit the file 'functions' - This file controls all of the startup
     daemons and processes that mandrake loads up.

3)   locate the line that says 'ulimit -c 0' (in the daemon() function)

4)   obliterate it.

5)   restart networking and inetd services (and sshd if you launch
     it from here)

6)   email mandrake and tell them to add this 'feature' to thier FAQ.

... another option (if you want to keep some daemons from core dumping)
is to duplicate the daemon() function and create a nolimit_daemon() function
that has the 'ulimit -c 0' line removed.  Call this from your telnet/ssh
startup scripts instead of the old daemon() function.

- Anil
         mud.inmystool.com 4000

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