Scripting Q. Was Re: [newbie] question on zones

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/17/00

> Hi
> Does anyone out there no of a way in which you can make sure that someone
> complete one script before they are able to carry on to ht next.
> i.e.
> script 1)
> look: for Hello
> does: say Hello.
> script 2)
> look: how are you?
> does: say I'm fine thanks.
> At the moment you only have to say how are you to activate the second
> script, without having to do the first on before. Is there any way of making
> them have to say hello before being able to ask how are you!!
        I think a reasonable addition to any scripting system is a way to
add/edit/access state variables.  Pretty simple actually, just have a
mob-only function to set, retrieve, remove, and check for existance of
unique name-key pairs.  You'd probably want both mobs and players to have
these variables.

        I'm not going to put any code here for it, since this is really a
very simplistic system - you could even save these key-value pairs to file
for players (mobs it's a bit harder, since you usually don't want to have
all mobs of the same type have the bit set once, and the only way to tell
identical mobs apart is the pointer to their structure being
different...and that doesn't stick around through reboots..).  I guess if
you needed to use it though, you could have it save to the .mob file - you
can just create an individual mob for each type you want to have like


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