Re: There any snippet to make the death more true?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/17/00

> Hi friends.
> There are any snippet that give a best look to death?
> Ex.: The guy die, so while your corpse is in the game, every time that he
> log in the game, he will send to a place like heave or hell, until somebody
> ressurrect him or he will wait some time until your body poofout.

        Now, I haven't seen this, but it doesn't sound too hard to code
actually.  Just write up a function to search for your corpse.

        When the player enters the game, run the function - if it finds
their corpse, sends them to that room(s).  In the room, make a spec proc,
if it can't find their corpse, send them to the start room.

        I'll assume that your ressurection spell pulls them out of that
room prematurely.

        Shouldn't take more than a handful of minutes to write up.


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