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Date: 03/21/00

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> Ok, maybe not Gods, but for the CircleMUD Guru's
> (and others who might want to add thier $.02)
> A few future upgrade questions:
> Pfiles seems to be a hot topic as to being able to manipulate/add.
> What is it's posibility of getting changed to ASCII (Sam's?)?

It's possible but you must make more hard changes in source code
of circle.

> I realize OLC is being worked on, so I will avoid that topic.
> Once apon a time there was a hot discussion and some code tossed around
> for THACO. Even a poll was placed on it I think.. with something like
> a formula to make it exactly like thaco is now, revamped, or close to
> what
> it is now. What will happen as a result of that topic?

Every level of player have assign thaco in file class.c
THACO is calculate during fighting  and increase (less thaco) or
decrease (greater thaco) chance to hit opponet.
And it's make real world... if you are level more less as your
opponent an you have the same armor class, then will be
more dificult for you to hit your opponent as if you has been
the same level  as opponent.
> Will thaco get revamped?
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