[Circle] Senseless arguing - was Re: [CIRCLE] A few questions for the Gods :)

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 03/22/00

        This thread has gone way off topic.

        I simply don't care if ascii is in the main trunk or not, though
if it is, i'd like to see it as a configurable option to use one or the
other.  My only point was that certain things are easy; I made the
assumption that if you're programming, you know how to program.

        This isn't always true, despite the fact it ought to be.

        It's tragic that people without a full understanding of at least
the basic functions in stdio.h attempt to program.  It's commendable that
so many people want to try and do it anyway, and many suffer through the
slings and arrows to actually learn it - at least well enough to make the
changes they want to.  Tragic or respectable, it doesn't matter; in the
end, writing the ability for your mud to read/store ascii pfiles is a
simple task. This includes deciding what it will 'look' like.

        This is also the source of much angst upon this list, and it would
be nice to defuse it by requiring a bit of knowledge before posting.


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