Re: [Circle] Senseless arguing - was Re: [CIRCLE] A few questions for the Gods :)

From: Christopher Daly (
Date: 03/22/00

>   My only point was that certain things are easy; I made the
> assumption that if you're programming, you know how to program.
>         This isn't always true, despite the fact it ought to be.
>         It's tragic that people without a full understanding of at
> least
> the basic functions in stdio.h attempt to program.  It's commendable
> that
> so many people want to try and do it anyway, and many suffer through
> the
> slings and arrows to actually learn it - at least well enough to make
> the
> changes they want to.  Tragic or respectable, it doesn't matter; in
> the
> end, writing the ability for your mud to read/store ascii pfiles is a
> simple task. This includes deciding what it will 'look' like.
>         This is also the source of much angst upon this list, and it
> would
> be nice to defuse it by requiring a bit of knowledge before posting.
ok, i rarely post to this list, and i suppose that's for the best,
given my relative level of skill.

here's the thing though..IMHO the senior programmers here are way too
emotional about newbie programmers.  I agree that many people are
programming without what one could consider "adequate knowledge".

However, when i first downloaded my mud i didn't even know how to change
the title screen.  Since then i've added races, innate skills, classes
, variable skill costs (so that mages can learn warrior skills for four
points) name based zone permissions...etc

My only point is that i had no knowledge, and by the opinions of some
of you i shouldn't even be allowed near code, but look how far I
and other newbies have come.  I understand some people are reluctant
to answer inane questions.  so don't!  why take more time to flame
someone's stupidity then it would to answer me it seems like
a sort of macho bragging right, to put someone down cause they ask a
stupid question..if you're walking down the street and see someone
trying to ride a bike, and they can't, do you yell at them?  if they
ask you for help, can't you just say sorry, but no?

I don't know, i don't want to offend anyone, but to me rudeness even
from the intellectually elite is still just that.  I know i make no
friends through this post, but it's true.  I'm not angry, but i do have
compassion.  You all have the choice not to answer stupid questions..
you don't have to destroy the self esteem of a new coder just to
impress upon him how much you more than him you know.  Silence will
teach far more than flames...through your silence they might have to
find another avenue (like searching the archives, or ftp or mouse)
but flames inspire anger and senseless debates..not to mention hurt
feelings (though i suspect that most "experienced coders" don't value
feelings since they don't compile)

Snaga's .02

Oh and by the way i have read the faq so here goes
anyone succesfully integrate OBUILD and Oasis? i'm thinking about doing
it but i'm not sure of all the things i should take into account.
if someone who knows could mention the appropriate steps, i'll be able
to take it from there, thanks :)

BTW this list has provided me with wonderful info that i've adapted and
used in ways not even in the archives...i just have to speak up for
those of us who don't intuitively know how to create ascii pfiles or

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