Re: Weapon Proficiency

From: Bobby L. Russ (
Date: 04/05/00

        I found the code you mentioned.  Thank you for pointing it my
way.  I had seen that code, but my printer had printed portions of it
incorrectly (that's a side story though).  Thank you for pointing it out
to me again.  I originally thought something was wrong with the way it
printed, but now seeing it again, I can definately tell.

>         I can give you some details how mine worked though - but something
> tells me that with the brevity of your message, you'd be lost without a
> patch. Here are some links I turned up searching for the keyword
> proficiency from

        I would like some of the details about how yours worked.  My
message was kept short and to the point to try and save time.  I would not
need a patch, but I do not need to waste people's time if they don't want
to help.
        Hope you have a nice day and thank you for your assistance.


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