weapon proficiencies and object types

From: Christopher Daly (snaga@mail.thewolvesden.net)
Date: 04/07/00

Hi, all.

With all this talk of weapon profs, i feel compelled to
ask a question that has stumped me for a while now.

I'm trying to add a weapon prof system of my own design.

I am trying to group weapons together, like one handed edged
one handed slashing, polearms, concussion, etc..(much like
rolemaster or MERP)

The difficulty lies not in the coding of benefits, but (for
me) in telling the game how to know what skill they need.

For instance, the guy has a longsword, but how do i tell the
mud to check his skill in 1 handed slashing and not concussion
for example.  One person who posted their weapon code to the
mouse site, used the hit type to determine that.  I don't like
that idea.  Just because something punctures doesn't mean
you should use dagger for example.

I tried adding object types to correspond to the skill types.
That way if they are using type 1HE you use one handed edge
skill.  Anyway what i did was grepped for ITEM_WEAPON and
added my new types to those case statements.

In short though it doesn't work.  I don't know why.  The only
thing i can think of is the defenition of IS_WEAPON in
#define IS_WEAPON(type) (((type) >= TYPE_HIT) && ((type) <

But what i don't get, is that since i essentially made object
types that were duplicates of weapon type (except for their
names) i thought they would fit in the guidelines of that define.

You can weild my new types, but if you attack with one in your
hand it says you hit.  I am not sure if that is because it
thinks the type is hit, or it is using unarmed combat rules.

I know this is vague, but i don't know what else to add.  I essentially
just added my new types to any switch statements involving
ITEM_WEAPON.  I compile with no errors/warnings.

Thanks in advance.

Snaga of PerP

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