Re: weapon proficiencies and object types

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/07/00

> summary:
>  wants weapon profs in groups other than by hit message
>  tried to add new items types(?) to accomplish this and failed.

        This isn't actually to hard, baring the conversion.  Try adding
another 'value'. GET_OBJ_VAL(obj,<VAL NUMBER>) ...

        Determine what you want to use weapon skills for.  I use them for
thac0 modifications.  What you use them for, i don't know....but
eventually you'll want to sort them in groups.  Write a function that
takes as input the things you want to change, and either modifies them in
place, or returns the expected value. Mine looks something like;

int thaco_mod(int type,int thaco,struct char_data *ch) {
  int retval=thac0;

  switch(type) {
    case DAGGER:
    case SHORT_SWORD:
    case KNIFE:
      retval += -3 + (GET_SKILL(ch,SKILL_SHORT)/10);
  return retval;

Saving and loading is simple, always write out all values (add a default
if it's not set yet), and check for 4 or 5 using the return value of
scanf (and include the default again).  Hardest part is putting it in your
OLC, if you choose to do that.

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