[CODE] More Issues with Qedit

From: Shawn Kimbley (whatley@lewiston.com)
Date: 04/15/00

First i'd like to thank Chris Gilbert for going out of his way to help me with
my last problem.  I really appreciate the assistance.

Moving on to my next problem, I'm currently trying to add the AutoQuest 1.2
patch into bpl15 with Oasis 2.0 rather than 1.6.  The problem seems to be the
diferences in the save_to_disk function between 2.0 and 1.6 (apparently), this
gives me an error while compiling of:

In function qedit_save_to_disk:qedit.c:196: undefined reference to

I realize that the way files like genmob.c handle this saving file function
greatly differs from the qedit.c file.  The Oasis breaks down the save into
different functions and seems to use a strip_cr where qedit uses the
strip_String, but i'm having problems tracking this down.  I was hoping that
someone might be able to assist me in modifying this to work.  I don't really
care if I convert the qedit over to function like the Oasis 2.0 stuff or just
get it working the way it is.

Thanks in advance.


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