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Date: 04/15/00

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> The problem is when I get to mobiles. I plan on having mobiles and
> players use the same basic structure (as it practically is now), but if
> I load mobiles according to the model above, where do players fit in? Of
> course, I could set up a base structure that either has player or mobile
> properties, and all the macros check for mobileness. I can't see any
> major ramifications as of yet.

I can't speak Circle specific, but I'm programming a MUD from scratch using

I created a base "Mobile" object that has all the common characteristics for
players and npc's.  No plain Mobile objects are ever created.  I then use
object inheritence to create a "Player" object that includes the socket
links to allow control.  I also create an "npc" object that inherits from
as well and includes the specifics on how it controls itself.

I originally designed it that both players and npc's used the same
however I decided to break up my code better into modules.

I also did something kinda different with spells.  All spells are in a
linked library that is loaded on demand.  I can actually change some game
such as modifying a spell to tweak balance, or creating entirely new spells,
without restarting the MUD by issuing a special imp command.  It will pause
processing, unload the DLL of choice, rename it to _old, rename the new dll
the working name, and reload it.  Then, action continues - all in a fraction
a second, without kicking out the players.  Same thing for npc activity.


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