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Date: 04/16/00

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Axiem wrote:

> I'm also planning on getting rid of weather, since I can't see any
> particular purpose (oh, and I'm eliminating control weather, of course)
> behind it.
Imho, removing the weather system would cut off a great deal of fun for
both the Coder(s) and for the players.

I cannot remember if it is Stock, but the spell 'Call Lightning' would be
an example of how to use the weater. Bad weather means more chance of
calling lightning. Other spells could be affected by weather, "Ice
Storm" would work as a charm in a blizzard (since the caster only have to
move the blizzard to center a person), but under direct sun and high
temperatures, *poof* no spell, or at least very hard to throw.. ;-)

For the development I'm doing to the my mud currently, one of the plans
are to make weater more significant, e.g. create fog in swampareas (Less
visibility), blizzards in Mountain and snow areas etc. Temperature affects
your regain of hitpoints, move and mana. And so forth, imho the weather
system can be customized to provide more, not realism, but playability. :)

Just my 2 cents worth... ;-)

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