[theory] Corpses, and other such things...

From: Axiem (axiem@swbell.net)
Date: 04/15/00

Out of random curiosity, what exactly is the purpose of corpses? I'm
thinking about getting rid of them, and wonder how this may affect the
game in ways I can't see right now.
I'm also planning on getting rid of weather, since I can't see any
particular purpose (oh, and I'm eliminating control weather, of course)
behind it.

Now I plan on changing player files from all one big file to a bunch of
singular files, one per player, in a directory (or directories), though
I can't decide on binary or ascii format (probably binary), and will
save player's items. Any particular consequences of this I'm not aware

Now, then, on kinda the same path I wrote about some time ago:
What I plan on doing is create a basic object type (base_obj is all I
can think of right now) that contains all the information specific to
the vnum of an object. That is, to say, name, description, type,
affects, etc... db.c, when loading world, will load objects into a giant
array of these structs (much like it does now). Except, when an object
is created within the world actually, it uses a different structure
(obj_data?) which contains information specific to that object (namely,
the room/container/person it's in, singular item flags (enchantment,
etc), real number, etc) and a field that contains the vnum of the
object. So, to look up properties on that specific object, it looks up
in the giant array of base objects under the vnum that is specified in
the specific object. This seems to me to be a more economical method of
dealing with objects, but I may be wrong. (Hence, why I am considering
eliminating corpses)
The problem is when I get to mobiles. I plan on having mobiles and
players use the same basic structure (as it practically is now), but if
I load mobiles according to the model above, where do players fit in? Of
course, I could set up a base structure that either has player or mobile
properties, and all the macros check for mobileness. I can't see any
major ramifications as of yet.

As well, I'm reducing the number of item types, and equipment wear
positions..no ramifications I can think of. (By the way, I'm rewriting
the entire world as original from the ground up)

I have the nagging feeling there was one or two more things I was
planning on doing...but they escape me at the moment. So, does anyone on
the list see something I'm not about making these changes? And does
anyone have any suggestions/comments/etc?

And I'm not looking for code. Even though I don't know how to do some of
that, I'm going to learn :)


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