Re: [theory] Corpses, and other such things...

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 04/15/00

Axiem wrote:
> I'm also planning on getting rid of weather, since I can't see any
> particular purpose (oh, and I'm eliminating control weather, of course)
> behind it.

 Well, for one it's atmospheric (excuse the pun), we're using the string
parser from the Circle ftp site and builders are encouraged to take
weather, and the time of day into account when describing rooms. Rain is
particuarly nasty to poorly packed equipment, and damp players are prone
to catching cold. Similarly it is a foolish player who ventures into the
great outdoors without a lantern as foul weather soon reduces torches to
a bundle of soggy twigs.

 All these things could be seen as going overboard on detail and may be
unneccessary to h&s games, but it does make things interesting when
players choose their equipment based on seasonal variations.

 If you really want a good reason to keep weather in, you should
consider how it might affect magic, elementalism in particular. 'Control
Weather' can be such a useful spell for setting the scene for other
elemental magics which depend on favourable conditions. No point in
attempting 'sunfire' if the sky is over cast and it's chucking it down
in buckets.

 Rather than you removing weather altogether, I'd actually encourage you
to develop it further, the zone weather patch on the ftp site is a good
start, and adding more weather types, like snow as well as adding wind
speed can really make for interesting MUDding in my opinion.

-> Ben

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