Re: Names?

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 05/03/00

> The level and OLC status is no problem, but how could I check
> against a players' name?
>i.e. if (GET_NAME(ch) == "name") {

GET_NAME(ch) returns a pointer, not a char array, so you can't
do the type of comparison as above - you need to use strcmp() or
stricmp() or their mud equiv, str_cmp().

Of course, that assumes they always use the same name, which is
not something I would be comfortable with.  What I'd do is to create
an imp level command set_builder that takes a player as an argument
and have that set the relevent stuff for that player.

It requires an imp to be available when the builder log on, but is
more secure and more flexible.

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