Re: Names?

From: Shawn Kimbley (
Date: 05/03/00

Thanks for the ideas, although I still haven't gotten this to work yet.
This is what i've currently got:

struct char_file_u *d;
    if (str_cmp((d->character->name), "Bob") {
        GET_LEVEL(ch) = 31;
        GET_OLC_ZONE(ch) = 30;
        } else
        send_to_char("You can't use this command!\r\n", ch);

I've tried playing around with the d->character->name but I'm basically
flying blind as my understanding of this is pretty limited.  This will
work, but still doesn't check the name.  If bob tries it works but if
say guido were to try it'd also work for him.

I realize that the person will have to use the same name, as well as
some non-imm could logon and get imm status, but since there are 5 total
players, myself and 4 builders i'm willing to risk the staggering odds
of someone ending up finding my ip and port #, correctly guessing one of
4 names and then realizing there's a command that will make him an imm,
which at that point he could then edit one area (if he knew how) and
still have to be
fairly sharp to do anything disasterous to the mud itself.



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