From: Nathaniel White (
Date: 06/06/00

I encountered many errors when trying to addin races to my code, so i
removed the race coding that i had done, but now i have a lot more errors.
therefore leaving me no choice but to delete all of the code. but saving the
world and text files that my builders had been working so hard on. that i
wanted to save, so that they wont be mad at me for deleting their work.
Now heres where i need help. if anyone can get me a copy of circlemud with
olc already added. I have been looking at ftp site. but all i find are olc
patches, i tried several but they didnt contain several olc files. even v2.0
isnt there just it's README & patch. which isnt doing me any good. I hate
the fact that I didnt back my stuff before adding the new code, or keeping a
copy on my cpu.
Please help in any way possible

Hey, check out some funny pictures, jokes and games. I laughed so hard hwile
drinking, and also had it come out my nose.

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