Re: [CODE]..

From: Jeremy Maloney (
Date: 06/18/00

It could be that you are not saving the olc again after exitting the
OLC menu.  I'm assuming you are new to the Olc, so bear with me if
this seems a bit simplistic or what not.

You should as you finish the editting in the online menu, type olc,
this tells you what zones you have done something to. Then you
type oedit save (zonenum), redit save  (zonenum), medit save (zonenum),
etc  etc.. Then your changes should be in place, if they are not working
after that, you may have an old copy of Oasis, I  seem to recall  a
problem with the saving in one of the patches, so check the doc directory
on the CircleMud site and see if you can't find anything there.

*cheers* and Good luck.

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