Re: [NEWBIE] Loaded objects at reset.

From: Dana Luther (
Date: 06/26/00

>I've recently encountered a problem with Circle3.0bpl17. With sentinel
>mobs, or objects that I only want one or two in a room, when the zone
>resets, another object is created. For example, in the hotel/inn, I have
>a bell object that players can ring to signal the innkeeper, but the one
>bell quickly becomes two, then three, etc. How can I get it to load one
>bell only, without having to allow only one belll in a zone?

in the zedit, have it remove the object immediately before it is loaded.
It should not be dependant upon the success of the previous command,
nor should the load object command be dependant..

I believe there is something on this in the documentation.


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