Re: [NEWBIE] Loaded objects at reset.

From: Robert Moon (
Date: 06/26/00

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From: "Dereck Kozak" <>
> I've recently encountered a problem with Circle3.0bpl17. With sentinel
> mobs, or objects that I only want one or two in a room, when the zone
> resets, another object is created. For example, in the hotel/inn, I have
> a bell object that players can ring to signal the innkeeper, but the one
> bell quickly becomes two, then three, etc. How can I get it to load one
> bell only, without having to allow only one belll in a zone?

In your zone file where you set the loading of objects and items, there is a
field for the "maximum number" that can exist on the MUD at any given time.
You should set it to 1.  That will mean you will have to create a unique
bell vnum for use in this room, and won't be able to use the archetype
elsewhere in the world, lest your room not load properly.

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