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Date: 06/27/00

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> Thanks for the help on my object problem, but it didn't solve my mob one.
> If i have sentinel mobs, that aren't supposed to be killed (Like city guard)
> How do I keep them stop reproducing like bunnies?
Same way as with the objects. In the zone file, for each guard loaded, first remove
him. This is what your zonefile should look like (or something..)
R 0 4081 4013 -1  (remove the mob(regardless of success of prev command))
M 0 4013 50 4081  (load the mob (regardless of success of prev command))
E 1 4041 50 4 (equip the mob (dependant on success))
E.... (as many as you want)
This way, the mob will only apear once, even if 50 of him is allowed.
> But my real question is: I've been browsing through some docs, and the code,
> because I'm adding some more classes, and races. When I realized something
> scary. A new characters hp is dome randomly. Which is fine, but why in the
> world as we know it, are those random numbers not grabbed from his Con stat???
> I thought Con meant overall healthyness, and helped DM's in creating a pc's
> hp? (I love abbrev's!) On that note, mana from wis/int (Dependent on cleric
> or magic-user) Has anybody changed this, or did I miss it, and it's buried
> somewhere else? I never really did well in D&D, but IMO those stats are the
> foundation of a character. Feedback?
the hitpoints ARE dependant on the CON of the char. In do_start(), they are initially
set to 10, before a call to advance_level() adds (amongst other things)
con_app[GET_CON(ch)].hitp, which is very much con based. The mana points
 however, are a completely different matter...

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