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From: Fizal (
Date: 06/27/00

At 03:44 AM -0500 27/6/2000, Dereck Kozak wrote:
>If i have sentinel mobs, that aren't supposed to be killed (Like city
>guard) How do I keep them stop reproducing like bunnies?

The same way as how you solved the obj prob. You can also set the max
existance for mobs as well. However, note that the max existance is for the
whole mud, not just for that area.

>A new characters hp is dome randomly. Which is fine, but why in the
>world as we know it, are those random numbers not grabbed from his Con

It still does. In do_start() it was set to 10 as a basis for all. From
there, it will go to advance_level() which will add more hp to the player
base on his class. As for using player's con:

    add_hp = con_app[GET_CON(ch)].hitp;

Which is not that much (con 18 gives 3 more hp). The random number is just
used to simulate the roughness that the player has gone thru as that class,
at least that's what I think. There's a doc on this in
mud/doc/OLD-DOCS/defs.doc which acts as a guideline, even tho it is rather

As for int/wis to determine mana, it depends on how you interprete or
explain magic/spellcasting. If you're taking spellcasting is some special
ability that people have (which I think was the original concept), then
int/wis doesn't have anything to do with it. Example: When Marcos the Black
in the Magician: The Apprentice series became somewhat crazy, he has a hard
time understanding stuff but his grasp of magic is still formidable.

There was a mud that explains the existance of magic thru the use of
nanobots. These nanobots will perceive the intention of the caster and act
upon it. Therefore, mana (which represent the number of nanobots that a
player can control) is reflected thru the player's int. Another uses the
elementals to form an explanation. Casters must have a strong mind to
control these elementals to do his bidding, which is reflected thru his
int/wis as well.

Basically, it's your mud and you can do whatever you want with it....


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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