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Date: 06/27/00

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Thomas Arp wrote:

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>> Thanks for the help on my object problem, but it didn't solve my mob one.
>> If i have sentinel mobs, that aren't supposed to be killed (Like city guard)
>> How do I keep them stop reproducing like bunnies?
>Same way as with the objects. In the zone file, for each guard loaded, first remove
>him. This is what your zonefile should look like (or something..)
>R 0 4081 4013 -1  (remove the mob(regardless of success of prev command))
>M 0 4013 50 4081  (load the mob (regardless of success of prev command))
>E 1 4041 50 4 (equip the mob (dependant on success))
>E.... (as many as you want)
>This way, the mob will only apear once, even if 50 of him is allowed.
>> But my real question is: I've been browsing through some docs, and the code,
>> because I'm adding some more classes, and races. When I realized something
>> scary. A new characters hp is dome randomly. Which is fine, but why in the
>> world as we know it, are those random numbers not grabbed from his Con stat???
>> I thought Con meant overall healthyness, and helped DM's in creating a pc's
>> hp? (I love abbrev's!) On that note, mana from wis/int (Dependent on cleric
>> or magic-user) Has anybody changed this, or did I miss it, and it's buried
>> somewhere else? I never really did well in D&D, but IMO those stats are the
>> foundation of a character. Feedback?
>the hitpoints ARE dependant on the CON of the char. In do_start(), they are initially
>set to 10, before a call to advance_level() adds (amongst other things)
>con_app[GET_CON(ch)].hitp, which is very much con based. The mana points
> however, are a completely different matter...

Can we please put a blank line between the reply text and the original
text?  Stuff like the adove just becomes a jumbled mess.

So it would be:

  > Blah blah blah

  Yadda Yadda

  > Yippie


The quote character doesn't have to be '> ' but make it reasonable.

The hard part is doing de-levelling because if you make it random and easy
to go up/down, people will keep levelling up/down until they get the
maximum for that particular bonus.

George Greer
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